Dubious "slutty" behaviour?

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So my friend behaves in a bit of a dubious way. She slept around quite a bit before she hit 18 (10 guys or some such), drank frequently, did drugs (coke, ket, MD, weed etc.).

She cheated on her last two exes without good reason and then dumped them.

She's now 21, but still does loads of drugs, drinks a lot and wears pretty dubious outfits - she has been called a "slut" by passers by on multiple occasions.

Basically I just wanted to ask what makes some girls act in this way? Her dad left when she was about 5/6, but she's had a stepdad since two years after that and for the whole of her life.

She fell in with the "druggy" crowd at school and lived a really bohemian free-spirited life growing up.

I suspect also that she has low self-esteem - had an eating disorder for years and sometimes makes comments about how much more attractive other people are than her.

What do you think? Why do some people behave like this?
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for some people a hedonistic lifestyle is what gives them pleasure and purpose. now i've been at both ends, done well academically and had a very... unique personal/social life.

i don't think it can be put simply down to daddy issues. it's a real shame if your friend doesn't fix there act up, as I've always known the limits, and acted in moderation.

Perhaps its just about wanting to be accepted by a crowd that she thought was cool etc. but people turn to drugs and such for various reasons. Some just want to chill, some want new experiences, and some see it as the only way out of a dark dark situation.

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