Resolution 2015/01 - Iraqi Development

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Welcoming the efforts of the democratically elected, constitutionally based,national unity Government of Iraq in fulfilling its detailed political, economic, and security programme and encouraging the holding of inclusive and peaceful provincial elections.

Reaffirming the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Iraq and reaffirming further the importance of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of Iraq.

Noting the progress that is taking place in Iraq, particularly in achieving steps towards democracy, but noting Iraq’s progress towards stability and security is impossible without outside intervention.

Welcoming the deployment of aid, and military intervention to Iraq to help secure its territorial borders, and bring greater stability and security.

Noting the Government of Iraq’s progress in pursuing an atmosphere in whichsectarianism is totally rejected, underscoring the importance of inclusive politicaldialogue, national reconciliation, and acceptance of all religions with freedom of expression.

Recognising international support for security and stability is essential tothe well-being of the people of Iraq as well as the ability of all concerned, includingthe United Nations, to carry out their work for the benefit of the people of Iraq, andexpressing appreciation for Member State contributions in this regard.

Recognising also that Iraq is still in need of regional and international support so it can continue to make progress, so its people can flourish and prosper in peace.

Proposed by New Zealand
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Austria believes making strong ties with a given political group is considerably risky in such region given the turmoil and general instability of the local government and authorities.

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