Thinking of going to Portsmouth... Any advice?

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Hi all,

I got a conditional offer to study Computer Science at UoP and I am thinking of making it as my firm choice.

I have read from a lot of threads about Portsmouth having a great nightlife and social stuff, but I also want to know more about the Uni in terms of academics, resources, lectures (are the lecturers good?) are they helpful and supportive when it comes to producing work?
James Ferrar
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Most lecturers explain what's on the lecture slides with just a bit of a twang - with maybe 1 or 2 easily engaging the lecture theatre.

Most lecture slides tend to be recycled year after year, depending on the unit. For example the more basic units (like intro to programming) they've been using the same lecture slides (with exceptions of course - but mostly) for 5-10 years, but a lecture about advanced web development was probably written very recently since it's changing all the time.

Resources wise they put all the lecture slides/tutorials/exercises/coursework assignments up on their version of "Dropbox" so any student on that year of the course can access them. Whether or not the lecturers are 'helpful and supportive' depends on what you're looking for, at the end of the day (especially now) a LOT of students go to Portsmouth Uni (Portsmouth city is the most densely populated city in the UK) so you're very much a part of the masses - this means that if you want help as a student you really need to go out of your way to get it.

I think the advice I'd give you is if you can imagine yourself getting along with people on a consistent and regular basis then Portsmouth could be a good choice for you. The somewhat less attention that lectures give to students because there are so many gets kind of counterbalanced by the sheer about of other students that you can bounce ideas or get help and feedback off of.

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