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Hiya Everyone!

My name is Tim Marshall and I'm a 23 year old disabled person suffering with the likes of sever depression, PTSD, Autism and HRA resulting in being registered blind/severally-sighted and therefore needing a minimum of a 500 percentage magnification enabled to use my computer on a day to day basis.

As you can see, I can somewhat manage to use my computer with such a large magnification enabled and to a vast extent I should add programming a revolutionary new website for an NGO Acting, Non-profit charitable organisation I am in the progress of establishing to optimize and revolutionize how the everyday person can donate to hundreds upon thousands of charitable causes, in some ways without actually spending additional money. There is a lot involved and at my rate with my disabilities it may take a few more years to achieve, however I'm extremely optimistic!

Bananza All-In-One Travel

Entertainment Suitcase

The lions roar, the elephants impatiently stomp on the ground, and the carousel begins its dizzying gyrations. In the middle of it all is Raffle Bananza, that glittering venue for anyone and everyone to further the human condition by donating to hundreds upon thousands of charitable causes, throughout the United Kingdom set to rapidly rampage overseas -- while flirting with the chance of winning a high-value reward.

But don't get swept in by the throng until you know what Raffle Bananza is all about! On paper, we're an NGO that directs funds from the general public (that's you!) to a diverse range of charitable causes -- hosting raffles and lotteries during the process, so when you donate, you run the risk of winning something big!
Ah, but that's just on paper! You see, in real life, Raffle Bananza is an up-and-coming Big Next Thing in the world of social good. Through Raffle Bananza, we intend to change how people approach the act of charity. The Raffle Bananza vision is that helping others through charity should be easy and rewarding for all involved -- with a dash of pizzazz mixed in there to make things fun!

Well, this was out initial intention, but not so long after the Bananza’s has come up with this somewhat unique and revolutionary idea, more and more sparks kept igniting and before we knew it, we had a full-fledged firework display lighting up the skies. But wait, shhhhh! Our development is going to take quite some time so we don’t want our presents to be known too much!

So now RaffleBananza is a sub-division of Bananza being worked on in our top-secret location at BananzaHQ and we’re looking for outside help, could it be you?

A Suitcase? – Don’t They Already Exist?...
Of course your standardized suitcases already exist, some of which offering special features such as speakers, multiple carrying options and whatnot, but by all means this is not what we are looking for - We are bananza after all!

Bluetooth, lights, smoke effects, music, synchronization and controlled by an everyday media device, fully customized interior to hold a Bananza mascot and accessories to accompany us raising donations and spreading the word on the streets! Wow that’s a mouthful!

Bluetooth Connecting and Synchronization
Alike connecting your media device to a wireless speaker or two, transferring files from one place to another, each Bananza suitcase will have a Bluetooth wireless range being amplified when additional units are in close proximity meaning the controlling media device may not be in range of suitcase A however due to being in range of suitcase B, all will work as it should.
The initial synchronization should be a quick and simple process. Start by pressing in the connect button on the suitcases you wish to connect to enable Bluetooth discovery mode on each unit then Simply going on to the Bananza suitcase App, then click to connect.

Additional App Features

Lighting and Smoke Effects
A manual switch to toggle the smoke effects would be an additional bonus, however this is not essential. Both should have a feature to synchronize with the playing sound however when push-to-talk is enabled, effects should be minimized.

Playing Sound Effects and/or Music
Playing a sound effect or music via the media device. Be able to build up a playlist and other standardized music track features such as pause and whatnot.
Overlaying sound effects such as burps and whatnot to be played over what is currently playing.

Push-To-Talk Wireless Microphone
A modified microphone with a button to push-to-talk of which quietens all sound and minimizes any special effects such as lighting and smoke.

With the somewhat brief of what I'm hoping my outcome to be, if you are a student studding engineering, I'd love to get in touch, help make this a reality.

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