(SURVEY 2015) The three biggest issues Britain faces today and why?

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The increasing number of migrants entering Britain daily, the potential coming war on Europe’s doorstep, the cuts to public services caused by the deficit, rising Islamophobia and anti-Semitism on our streets, new wars popping up from nowhere in the Middle East, the housing crisis, decreasing living standards, political apathy among the young. Whatever your political opinion, you will agree Britain looks a mess.

In your opinion, what are the three biggest issues Britain faces today and why? I’ll go first.


Age: 18
Gender: Male
Favourite Party: Conservatives

1) Immigration
Whether you agree or disagree: immigration is a huge issue during the build-up to the General Election.

I’m under no illusion migrants can be a huge benefit to the UK. I also hold the strong belief that there is an optimum population at any given time for a country to function most effectively, depending on various factors. At present we are above and beyond our ideal population.

The numbers need to be radically cut until the country can get back on its feet. Meaning an adequate standard of education and living for all citizens. Free health care and better policed streets are too important, particularly in lower socio-economic areas, which from my personal experience are often ignored and left to their own devices.

I’d like to see a “skilled migrants only” policy in sectors where competition for jobs is weak, for a limited time at least.

To do this we would need to leave the European Union. Increased crime rate, unemployment and increased stress on public services are but a few of the consequential side effects of managing the uncontrolled borders that EU membership entails.

2) The Deficit
The deficit – thanks to Labour – has caused a drastic drop in morale among the British public. If UKIP aren’t planning on privatising the NHS, someone else is planning to cut its spending. The police, armed forces and education are suffering as a result of the money we owe.

The only viable alternative to increasing tax or cutting public spending (which are both not going to go down) is to leave the European Union and use some of the £55 million a day we spend on membership to pay off our debts. I’d sooner break relations with the United States of Europe (who now want a joint army) than ask for more money from the hardworking British people or decrease the spending on our security, health care and education.

3) Foreign Policy
We are justifying destabilising countries (Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc.) by taking sides with factions or governments, which is only leading them further from peace.

Why do we insist on overthrowing Gaddafi and Assad, yet remain best buddies with the House of Saud? Talk about a brutal human rights record.

What about sanctioning that evil dictator Putin? Who domestically – for the record – is probably the most popular world leader.

Personally I’d sooner expand our army and become a neutral superpower putting pressure on the peace process, if that’d be possible. Follow Switzerland’s lead.

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