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Short version:
Have you ever tried putting a smaller duvet into a larger duvet cover (eg double duvet in king size cover)? Was it ok?

Long version:
I have been bought a duvet cover for next year when I will have a double bed. However it's a european king size (240x220cm). Would it be ok to use with a UK king size duvet (225x220cm) or would it have loads of extra room and look weird? (I only have a single duvet atm, so I need to buy one anyway)

Options are
A) Buy a european 240cm duvet to fit with the cover (more expensive)
B) Buy UK 225cm duvet and hopefully it's ok
C) Swap duvet cover for standard double size one (200cm) which is the same in europe and the UK, and buy standard 200cm double duvet from uk (family thinks this will be too small, seeing as I currently have a single duvet on a small double/large single bed, I think a double duvet on a double bed is fine)
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I have the opposite problem.

I have a Japanese sized Queen size duvet cover, 210x210, whereas the UK standard double is 200x200 and King is 225x220, what I'm going to do it buy a King sized duvet, get my Gran (bless her) to stitch it so it's 210x210 size and then cut off the "excess" duvet and then it will fit perfectly into my 210x210 cover.

I think having a duvet that's too big in the sheet wouldn't work and having a duvet in sheets that are too big would be so annoying as there'd be baggy loose bits.

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