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Inevitably, when I started at Roehampton things were a lot different. Not just in living arrangements and general lifestyle, but in my studying too. I came prepared having read the majority (or owning) the books from the reading list, however nothing could have prepared me for what it would have actually been like. I think the major change that I noticed was the independence I had in my own learning. Before I came, I surely understood that things weren’t going to be easy; but things that are worth having don’t come easily. Taking one half of an English Literature degree especially requires a lot of mental stimulation. Reading becomes a daily task, and for all the reading you do, close analysis follows. At times, admittedly it’s been hard. But as I got into my first term, I came to really enjoy it.

You’ll be fascinated at some of the things you’ll find out about the texts you read. For example, I had no idea that Tolkien based some of Lord of the Rings on the epic poem ‘Beowulf.’ Reading Tolkien’s essay on ‘Beowulf’ was so captivating. This in turn inspires the other half of my degree, Creative Writing. If anything it goes to show that the greatest writers have read and have been inspired by other great novels, poetry and screenplays. A lot of my own writing has been enthused by the likes of the Brontë sisters, Daphne Du Maurier and Gaston Leroux (to name only a few). I love the idea of mixing gothic elements with romance in my writing! Luckily for me we get to study some texts from the novelists that I have mentioned.

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