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I'm a long term reader of TSR and I noticed allot of girls would say that good looking guys have it even better than good looking girls do. On a wider sense too, for example with getting easy jobs or a pay rise, or making friends, not just with dating and sex. And after watching my good looking friends in action I'd have to agree with them.

so here's my 'privilege hierarchy' in our looks obsessed society.

1. Good looking guys - they have the same privileges as good looking girls but without the social restrictions or scrutiny on their behaviour. They can get casual sex easy with decent girls, string lots of girls along and do so with impunity. Good looking guys also have a longer lifespan in terms of being considered attractive as they can augment their attractiveness with things like social status and money which women can't do.

2. Good looking girls - born as social royalty: so long as they don't do anything stupid, like ruin their looks with drugs, they should have a guaranteed easy life. Can date any men they want, are fawned over and are given easy opportunities in any avenue they seek. Most of the really beautiful women I see get easy promoter jobs at clubs and stuff, have a great time during their youth having carefree fun and lots of holidays then retire at 30 as the wife of some rich guy, that is if by then they are not famous/rich in their own right like for example a Megan Fox.

good looking girls are restrained by social pressures so I marked down their privilege. For example if they sleep around they get called a **** unlike the good looking guy. They also have a short window of which to exploit their looks before they get replaced by the next pretty thing.

3. Average looking girls - can get casual sex with hot guys and also relationships with average guys.

4. Average looking guys -Can only get relationships with average girls(hot girls with average guys are rare anomalies).Very hard to get casual sex (and if they do it probably won't be with anyone decent). Being average means (lots of) rejection when finding partners and average men have this burden.

5. Ugly guys - many of them suffer from complete rejection from women. No relationships or intimacy. It's a struggle to find anyone. Given the male makes the first move usually the rejection must by heart wrenching. However there's always the chance things could improve thanks to a man's money and status improving

6. Ugly girls - they can at least get casual sex and some human contact with the opposite sex, but most boys will never want anything official with them. As they get older things will get worse and even sex will be off the agenda. They have a better youth than ugly guys but in overall terms their life is destined to suck, baring miracles.

a bit whimsical but do you agree with my ranking ? (I'm on a long bus trip )

note: I define ugly as someone who only one out of every 50 people would date. So for example (as a guy)If you went to a bar with 500 people in it and 50% of them are women and of those women 40% are single them you would have 100 women who are single, now if only 1:50 women are interested in this guy on average then in this bar of 500 people only 2 women would be interested in him. Good luck trying to find those interested women (eg. Think about the logistics of finding out who is interested and who is not, or eg in certain contexts a girl might not be interested when she might otherwise be in a different context).

its the same for girls but since they can wait until someone approaches them it's a bit easier.

and obviously the uglier you get the exponentially worse it gets: imagine trying to find a partner if only 1:100 people find you attractive or 1:500!

The point I define good looking is when more than one in every two people find you date worthy .
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if the people on jeremy kyle can get laid then anyone can

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