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My parents and extended family are old-fashioned and for them if you don't do something like Medicine or Engineering and go to the top 5 Unis in the country then you're basically a disappointment.
I wish I had the desire to be a Doctor, but I just don't, because I am incredibly squeamish and not good with dealing with injuries or things like that.
I applied to Universities for a non-accredited Biomedical science degree because I love Biology, and I am really interested in the science behind medicine, treatments and diseases. However, my uncle told my dad that it would be a waste for me to do all this higher education and do something like Biomedical science because there's no money in it.
I know Biomedical science doesn't have easy money in it, but I find it suited to my interests and I am excited to specialise in something for a Masters Degree in the future. I also love English literature (doing A level english lit) and found out that it was possible to be a lawyer in matters regarding bioscience.

I was just wondering if anyone here has a Biomedical science degree and what they did afterwards, besides just going into research? I have no idea what career I want to do and also what path would most likely lead to a well paid job with this degree?
If it's anything really pessimistic, I'd rather not hear it though...I really need some sort of hope that it's not all bleak because my family are really dragging me down..
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Friends of mine have gone into primary and secondary school teaching, pharmaceutical marketing, science policy and science communication. The people in marketing and sales have the best paid jobs. With a PhD in biomed you can also go into consulting which is good money or do something like patent law. Having said that, research jobs in industry are better paid than in academia.
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Hi I am gonna advice you with your heart , I am currently on a 4 year biochem msci course at one of london top uni due to family and parent pressure because biochem sound more reputable than biomed but I've am regretting it and hates myself for wasting 1yrs. Don't get me wrong biochem is a good course it just isn't for me. I am more interested in diseases, human anatomy and physiology which I ll get from biomed. But it's not too late I've learnt experience and lab techniques from 1 year biochem Ive now got 5 offers to do biomed in sept/October this year but there may be implications on student loan as according to them I've wasted a year loan I need to talk to them is i ll be penalised or not.

hope this helps

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