Latin OCR AS Ovid Met III help :)

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Hi everyone
Currently preparing for an essay entitled:
'How does Ovid make the story of Pentheus and Bacchus memorable?'
Not really sure what they're after or how anything makes it memorable - literature is really not by strong suit with Latin!
Any suggestions specific to the text (Ovid Metamorphoses Book III lines 511-733) or just an overall idea of the kinds of things to look for/make points on would be extremely helpful!
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Hey not sure if you're still wanting an answer to this but I'll give some suggestions in case!

I'm assuming that this is a 10 mark question?
If so then I would make 5-6 points on things such as the following:

- the characterisation of the two characters and how they foil each other (Pentheus is evil at the start and we feel sorry for Bacchus, yet at the end of the text, we feel sorry for Pentheus being destroyed and Bacchus is evil for letting this happen)

- the relationship that the characters have (assuming that Acoetes is Bacchus transformed, you can mention how they interact when Acoetes is brought to Pentheus)

- the theme of transformation (an important one for obvious reasons!) - could mention how Bacchus deceives Pentheus by fooling him (if you want to assume that Acoetes is Bacchus)

- the use of descriptive language (the war-like imagery at the beginning to describe the rites: this also emphasises Pentheus' contempt for Bacchus, and the torrent simile to show Pentheus' rage)

- mention the morals which come from the story: ultimately the moral message is confused and shows that things aren't always as they seem (Pentheus is ignorant to Bacchus' powers), dicuss what the reader can take from this (not to underestimate others and not to assume that you're right)

- the use of contrast in the text (pride vs. humility, blind vs. seeing, appearance vs. reality, femininity vs. masculinity, good vs. bad, war vs. peace and the fact that these contrasts highlight the contrast between Pentheus and Bacchus)

Obviously these are only a few ideas and I'm sure there are many other valid points you could make. Link every point back to the question so you know that you're answering it. Sorry if I got a bit carried away, sort of used this for my own revision purposes as well!

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