If anyone could mark my work on OMAM strong feelings that would be great

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“Of Mice and Men” Controlled Assessment
Explore the way Steinbeck presents strong feelings in “Of Mice and Men”
Of Mice and Men is a novella set on a ranch in California during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Steinbeck uses a vast range of literary devices and descriptions which help present the strong feelings of loyalty, loneliness and hope. There is a famous quote from an American poet, Lawrence FerlinghettiI that says; “think if there's a great depression there might be some hope”. Hope is a key word in that quote, hope is one of the strong feelings presented in Of Mice and Men. During the Great Depression people were pessimistic and only ever looked out for themselves. Without hope people would be left by themselves living a pointless life with no meaning. George and Lennie both had something most others did not, hope. However George told himself he would be better off without Lennie, yet he knows that without Lennie he would have no hope. The whole undertone Of Mice and Men is centred on hope.
Loyalty is a strong feeling that we see right from the very beginning of the novella. George and Lennie’s relationship is similar to the relationship of a father and son, with George being the father and Lennie being the son. We start to see this as George often shouts at Lennie when he makes mistakes and Lennie listens to George. From this, we begin to realise that George stays with Lennie in order to protect and look after him. An example of this is when George says to Lennie "For god’s sake, don't drink so much" (page 20, section 1) when Lennie goes to drink water from the lake. This implies that George is protecting Lennie from something that could potentially harm him and although it wouldn't directly impact Lennie’s life if he were to get hurt, George says this to make sure that Lennie is okay, a bit like a father would do for his son. However, the fact that George says "For god’s sake" suggests that he is incredibly impatient and gets quite short tempered with Lennie. He lashes out in the same way that a parent would lash out at their child. It is clear that George is the leader of the two and the one with authority; George doesn’t need Lennie but is loyal to him by staying with him. Another way we see loyalty is how George stays with Lennie for Lennie’s sake only. George says (page 28, section 1) "If I was alone I could live so easy…", regarding how Lennie makes his life extremely difficult as he has to take care of him, and how his entire life is dominated by him. Because of Lennie, George is not able to enjoy any type of social life because of how demanding Lennie is. George is left to find work for Lennie and tell him what to and what not to do.
Steinbeck creates a lonely atmosphere at many times throughout the novella. He uses certain words as hints about the characters, for example the ranch George and Lennie are working at is near a place called "Soledad", which means loneliness and the card game the George constantly plays is “Solitaire" which also means “by one’s self”. He makes it clear that all the men on the ranch are lonely, with particular people lonelier than others. George and Lennie have a very close relationship which is strange as they aren’t relatives. At this stage in time during the Great Depression most people didn’t rely on others and most people were self-serving, which must of made George and Lennie’s relationship seem very strange and suspicious. (On page 32, section 1) George says to Lennie, “Guys like us that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world...” What George says becomes more vivid as the novella progresses; each character in Of Mice and Men is alone apart from George and Lennie, which is very ironic seeing as George is left alone at the end of the novella. We see that George needs Lennie because George can’t achieve the American dream of, ‘living off the fat of the land’ without Lennie. The dream really wasn't a dream at all; it was mainly kept alive through Lennie’s enthusiasm about the rabbits and the chickens etc.

It has to be 1200 words and this is so far around 700 words so I'm still writing but feedback would be very helpful

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