Dropping out of Uni to apply to Imperial, is it possible?

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I hold an unconditional offer to study English next year in London.

I feel I regret not doing Science subjects at A level, since that is where my interests lay in GCSE. Especially in Aerospace. If I fully apply myself, is it in the realm of possibility to drop out and apply for Aeronautical Engineering?

Would it be possible for me to privately take AS Maths, and AS Physics Edexcel in June, and work solidly over these next 2 months. (I did Maths Studies at IB, but could have done Maths SL), then Take Maths A2, Physics A2, Maths A2 and further maths AS at the end of my first year doing English?

If I got A*s, I'd start English Year 2 and do Further Maths A2 and maybe Computing AS over the year and drop out if I got an offer. If I got 3 A*s, do you think I (I'd be 21 at the time of application and 22 when I'd start the course.) Imperial would look at my application knowing I was dropping out of an English degree but had the relevant A levels. I'd also be doing relevant work experience in holidays.

If I got an offer, I'd drop out, pay off my 2nd year on direct debit, and use my remaining 4 years of SAAS to do the Aeronautical Engineering course.

Is this possible, or would Imperial look at my academic past and age, and think I was not fit for the program?

The retakes should be possible right? I have found private centres near where I live in Scotland (Merchiston) for the Maths AS and Physics AS, and I would do the rest in London while doing English at uni.

I managed to get through C1 in a couple of days and am doing M1 and C2 currently to see if I'm capable. If I managed to do M1 and C2 in a week, then I'd move on to Phyics Unit 1 and then U2 and the case study.

I would appreciate someone who knew Imperial well to advise me or tell whether or not it is feasible.

EDIT: My long term aspirations would be doing a masters in Advanced Aeronautics, and specialising in a field like Fluid Dynamics or maybe Structures, both areas I have read into as a layman. I am inspired a lot by companies like Space X, who (while I would never be able to work for as a non American- citizen) I find incredible and enjoy the idea of working with CAD to design and help develop incredible things. I believe if I apply myself, I am capable. I got a 40 at IB before taking a year out and I have discovered my enjoyment of engineering related fields through reading and experience).
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You would probably be better to enroll for an accelerated A level course somewhere like MPW http://www.mpw.ac.uk/locations/london/courses/a-level/ but it is a bit pricey

I think you would find it hard to cope with A levels and studying for a degree and if you are really serious about changing it is better to focus on that rather than overload yourself and potentially do two things badly.

The other option would be to do a foundation course- places like Nottingham, Birmingham, Newcastle etc will let you do a 5 year MEng course which is designed for students who did the wrong A levels. However Imperial won't normally accept those so if you really want to study there then A levels are essential. Remember that Aero at Imperial is intensely competitive so you need to have some other back up choices that you would be happy with as well though.

Really I would say if you are serious about changing you should focus on that and not split your interests with another degree. Whilst universities will consider you if you drop out they will normally want to see decent grades in the course you were doing and a good reason for wanting to change.

No-one will discriminate based on age but they will want you to show that you are dedicated to your subject so be prepared to explain your motivations for switching and why you didn't pick engineering in the first place.

What HL's did you do in your IB?

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