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Hi Helen,
Just thought I'd send you my good wishes re your exams. And to let you know that, although I've been provisionally accepted at Sheffield Hallam - I've reluctantly decided to carry on my studies through the OU, due to family committments. I've just started a short course on 'changes in community' which I'm finding rather boring, but I'm going to an open eve next week and hopefully can get some advice on which proper undergrad course I should do next.
At least doing my studiying this way, it takes the pressure off me a bit as regards my grades, but I'd still like to think I've done ok- which, the more I think about it, the worse I think I've done!!
Will keep in touch with the Forum, and let me know how you do. Many thanks for your help - I might still be picking your brains in the near future!
regards, Jacquie
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