URGENT! What shall I say to my teacher?

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Okay so I'll make the scenario as short and clear.

So I was working on this English descriptive essay of mine. And at the moment I'm in a unit where you go for emotional and physical support at school if you're struggling and I'm there for suicidial stuff.

Anyways, so yeah....today my teacher printed it for me some it was because I haven't completed it and told me to look back at it as I had to edit the one on the computer and that would be the final piece but anyways. I completely forgot to put my name on it although I had it all day and I'm such a fool for that! :Z So yeah it was 3 separate sheets not even stapled BUT together.

Before leaving for home I left it on her desk on top of some files.

It's Friday. I stayed late after school so no student was there only teachers and perhaps cleaners later on. Now I'm scared what if over the weekend someone throws it away or something?

Will she see it? The teacher?

I mean it was on the table before I left for lunch to go outside and I came back and it was safe. Perhaps someone may have read it but oh well. Am I panicking too much? I'm restless and will be all weekend? How do I put my mind to rest and at ease? Please help me I'm getting awfully panicky about this.

What I'm worried about is a student seeing it reading it and then copying my work?

Like I don't want that. Seriously.

I highly doubt anyone's doing the same thing right now because I'm way behind and catching up. So yeah. But still. I don't want my ideas stolen.
Update: It is pure hard work that has gone into it.

So yeah. She emails me and even rings me because she's highly concerned about me all the time.

Shall I talk to her this weekend about this or just go in on monday and sort it out?

I will rush on Monday morning to get this essay from her desk ASAP!!!!!

Please pray that nobody gets a hold of it except her.

I just hope it's safe.

What if someone takes it and puts their name on it and takes the credit?

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Hey! Don't worry about it, I'm sure everything will be okay! No one will steal your work unless there were stupid enough to get disqualified for their GCSE English! You'll be fine honestly, put your mind elsewhere where it could be of better use! Do some revision and listen to music whilst you're at it. I find that piano music really helps calm you down so maybe you'd wanna try it!

Matt -

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