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Hi everyone, I'm an international student looking to study in the UK. I got offers from University of Manchester, University of Glasgow and RHUL for Geology.

Glasgow gave me an unconditional offer whilst the other two gave me a conditional offer ( which I missed ). If I firm one of them despite missing two grades, what are the chances of me getting in? I'm actually really keen on going to Glasgow because it has always been my dream university. Not only that, I also like the flexibility of a Scottish degree. Unfortunately, the course takes 4 years while the other two would take 3 years. I'll be 20 in October and I don't feel ecstatic about the prospect of graduating at 24, when my other friends would have their degree at 22 or so.

I heard that RHUL's geology course is really good. When looking at the course content, I seem to prefer it over Manchester. I think my parents would prefer if I went to Manchester or Glasgow instead because they've never heard of RHUL, despite the affiliation to UoL.

Could anybody help me out?
Right now here's how I feel

Glasgow = RHUL > Manchester
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Ooh what did you get and what did RHUL offer you? That's where I want to go, but if I had an unconditional from Glasgow I would take it! I've lived next to rhul all my life, its a nice uni, but there's not much social life outside of the uni unless you go to Windsor, staines is for shopping while egham (surrounding towns) has lots of little places to eat The geology dep seems small and close knit, but incredibly good at what it does, lots of lectures going on.
It's your choice if you are willing to do an extra year, I wouldn't mind but I'm younger haha so It's your call. I cant say anything about Manchester as I know nothing about it but I expect the social side is far better :P Good luck

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