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I'm currently on my gap year in Germany and I want to go to University in September and i've initially applied for German. I'm predicted a B in German and already have 2 A levels at B grades. My heart has been since 2013 after visiting Leeds Uni set on Leeds. I loved the university and city and loved the German lectures I visited. Perfect, so I thought.

Since being on my gap year i've met so so many erasmus students from all over the world and I now want to pick up a second language, probably Spanish or Dutch at Ab Inito level. So my question is, how easy can this be done with the grades of BBB at Uni of Leeds, Uni of Cardiff or Uni of Nottigham.

I know Leeds doesn't offer ab inito spanish, and I really want to add a second language to my degree now. I know Cardiff offers ab initio Spanish and that Nottigham offers Ab Initio Dutch. I'm just wondering if anyone has been in the same situation and wanted to add a second language to their degree at these universities or any really? How easy was it and what does anyone recommend?

I'm stuck in a bit of a rut and as i'm in Germany i'm not able to visit the Uni's again!! Night mare..

Thanks! Antonia

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