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Good evening, My name is Rob, or starcoaster, starcoaster sounds better.

I am a fairly regular player of Star Conflict - a MMO FPS with a pretty neat open world function to it.

I invite anyone who meets the following conditions to join me on my quest for total dominance over the game.

I am about half-way through the game myself and I've built one of the secret end-game ships, so I'm pretty capable of putting anyone that decided to turn on you back in their place. I was trained in the game by an old corp called Birds of Prey, who have been inactive for a long time for classified reasons, however I still have the knowledge, and I or my officers can train you.

To join me, my corporation (INCON) and our alliance, you must meet the following criteria

16 or over (adult corporation)
Teamspeak 3 (address will be provided)
Online every 2-3 days
English Speaking (reasonably fluent, accents don't matter)

Good hunting,

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