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Capital punishment has been historically one of life’s biggest legal controversies. We can define it as a process whereby a person is put to death for a crime they have committed. It was formally abolished in Britain in 1965. However, some misguided individuals want to reintroduce this law back into society. The death penalty was eliminated because people realised how immoral it would be to place a life of a person in the government’s hands. Statistically it has been shown that more than fifty-nine percent of the population in Britain agrees to reestablish the idea of capital punishment again. I believe that capital punishment must not be reintroduced again in any country including England.

The reason is that two wrongs do not make a right!

The different ways of capital punishment are simply too pleasant for the amount of retribution criminal should pay for their crime. In particular, the lethal injection is an uncomplicated get away from pain but it does not deliberately force the offender to feel remorse. Prisoners in jail are trapped in isolation and lonieness; the only thing they have with them is their burden of guilt. This endless terror will cause many to not grasp the essence of life again. Nonetheless, one of the benefits of this is that it allows them to learn the truth of immoral behavior by rehabilitation. Humans deserve praise for good endeavours and consequences for bad ones. The government doesn’t consider the actual true understanding behind the principles of right and wrong. They act for the word of revenge- ‘an eye for an eye’; likewise, they are only performing the act- ‘life for a life’. The government will then only repeat the act that the offender has done previously. People think that convicts are deplorable but the majority do not insist on acknowledging that the government are just as cold-hearted. Capital punishment is wrong in all aspects- politically, economically and socially. Other countries like for instance, Texas in the United States are destroying the opportunity of alternation in the offender. A researcher of immoral behavior said ‘the murder that is depicted as a horrible crime is repeated in cold blood, remorselessly’. The death penalty is a scheme to destroy people and not give them a second chance. This explicitly shows the easiness of death and how quickly it shuts down the chance of recovery.

Capital punishment portrays that people are beyond redemption, beyond second chances, beyond being able to take time for change. This strongly disagrees with the idea because everyone makes mistakes, faults, which can highly affect other lives. There are many appropriate reasons behind for why citizens become ‘criminalized.’ The government doesn’t take considerable amount of time to seek why criminals have done the act in the first place. Many prisoners despite their previous behavior have accomplished recovery even though they have spent time in jail. We should use these criminals as inspiration and as a model for others in the same situation. The death penalty shuts down the opportunity for criminals to acknowledge and learn how to control themselves.
Many criminals acknowledge that they often commit crime when they are overwhelmed in life, driven by insecurities and guilt, which can also making them consequently seek the path of drugs. However, there is a positive solution to this consistent type of behavior. The solution is rehabilitation, since it can immediately resist the irresistible yearning felt by criminals. Opinions vary, but from my viewpoint, capital punishment doesn’t educate individuals to develop into healthier humans. It eradicates criminals before; they can acknowledge the truth and fault of what they have done. On the other hand, sociologists in their best ability try to change the offender optimistically. If other countries are killing people perhaps to look tougher then this idea of ‘capital punishment’ shouldn’t appeal to us. If capital punishment is present, rehabilitation cannot take place.

A case in the 1970s reflected all of the wrongs done in this world and the inevitably of guilt we feel when it is too late to change the impossible. However, the case of Derek Bentley made the government and people in society to turn their heads and realize the evident reasons for being against the death penalty. This case had also brought people to campaign and debate for a country, which acknowledges the ways of being immoral. Derek Bentley born (1953) was hanged for murder of a police officer “principle of common criminal purpose” known as joint enterprise. The other police officers thought Bentley had said, “Let time have it”. This had made the jury think that he was mentally supporting the murder of the police officer Sidney Millen. Evidence shown that he did not pull the trigger and Christopher Craig was the one who did the act. However, he wasn’t hung because he was sixteen years of age. This shows the leak of trust we should put into the system of capital punishment.
When seeing such a significant change in the advancement of society technically, psychologically and physically in such as short period, it becomes a question of which why still a certain proportion of people want this idea of killing people reintroduced back into the system. Even though people know how immoral the act is. Derek Bentley case is a key turning point for our country. This has caused the law to be discontinued in 1973. This remarkable change truly expresses the progression of the government. These changes were made for certain reasons such as how immoral the concept are and how it doesn’t consider the prisoner to reflect on the act, which they have done. I believe there is an incredible chance for recovery in many of the prisoners. Furthermore, this is because it actually majorly depends on how positive we approach the situation and the idea that we shouldn’t look at these people as criminals but people who are struggling to battle against the idea of immoral desire. Advanced technology and the increasing discovery in the fundamental idea of how the brain functions have been raising the amount of prisoners mentally improving each year. It is clear to say that good changes are happening rapidly each and every day.
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Heya, I'm going to put this in the English forum for you as you should get more responses there.You should also check out the forum to see if there's any other threads there which might be helpful to you!http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=82

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