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I've been dating a (head) chef for 2 months. We last saw each other 8 days ago. I last heard form him in Saturday. He'd texted me to tell me how much work he has on at the moment, we had a brief chat, and I suggested we go to the cinema 'one of these days', to which he replied 'yes, good idea!!!'.

Generally we see each other once or twice a week and text every couple of days. He's seemed keen up til now.

But I'm having doubts. Can he really still be interested if he hasn't made contact since Saturday and hasn't made any firm plans to see me again? I completely understand he's crazy-busy with work, but there's a part of me that's worried this is his way of telling me he no longer wants to me anymore.
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All I can suggest is to talk to him.

Communication is the key to any relationship!

Just text him one day and ask him to call you when he is free as you have something important to talk about.

Then if he calls you and you guys talk it out, you'll know

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