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On valentines day I went out with a girl who I had been talking to for 3 months and had really fancied for about 8... She told me in summer (after kissing me) that she didn't feel the same way I did at the time but now she likes me and happened to also ask me to be her boyfriend on the 15th of Feb. We realllyy like each other BUT I'm going to UCL for uni and she's gong to Leeds so I don't see how this will last past September. She keeps telling me to live in the present and "enjoy the time we have together" but it's so hard to not think about. I think i'm starting to fall in love with her which makes this situation harder, what also makes it more difficult is the fact that I'm going to aiya napa straight after exams and the DAY I get back she's off to inter railing for 3 weeks... honestly couldn't be in a worse situation (It is on the back of my mind that we could be prone to cheat in the moment because we know it'll end anyway which is sad). Any advice as to what I should do/ tell her
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Video chat when you can? See each other every weekend? Or just be prepared to break up before uni
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I guess a lot of people are in the same situation, I was too and my friend is. Some people are being realistic about the whole thing and know they need to break up because its easier, but there are some people who have made an effort to try a LDR, which has worked really well. You have these options.

One. Yea, sure, LDR is effort and doesn't last but have you thought about the fact that its still in England. My friend has been in an LDR with a guy who lives in Europe and they've been going strong. it sort of adds to the passion and makes you appreciate them even more. If you really do love her then, you should try it. Once you're done, you have all that time missed to make up for and makes for a good story to tell

Two. Just enjoy it. you have a few months to just have fun and be with each other. remember! Better to have loved and to have lost than to never loved at all. It will be one hell of a summer and who knows once you come back, you both might be single and end up together.

and Three. Break it off now. If you think it will be costly to you then there's not point, I know finding someone you click with is a big deal and you don't want to let go but sometimes, you just have to because life is a ***** and know you're not in this alone. couple who have been together for 2 years are having to end it too. I was really into my ex but things were just too complicated and both knew university wouldn't be the same.

I feel like there's something I'm forgetting :s

But yea, honestly you just need to ask yourself. If its worth it. because there's a big world with many people who you will click with and break up with outside of you room. Its just part of life and an experience that I think everyone should have.

Ramble over!

Kirn xx

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