GCSE, Northern Ireland history

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Hey every1,
this is my first time posting so (to introduce) my name is matt johnston, its nice to meet u (Well im sure it WILL b, lol) im from n.ireland, and history is really depressing me a t the mo.
at the mo. im sooo very depressed because my his. teacher is crap, so i turned to u guys 4 help. the courseWork We have to do is "hoW Were the lives of the northern ireland people affected during the second World War", We have top incluede continuity, change and diffence. if ne1 has done this essay i Would lovingly accept it, lol, or if anyone has ne miracle hints on hoW to do it, that Would also b greatly appreciated, im sooo bored With this subject rite noW, and i shudnt b, so PLEASE help me...PLease.:confused:
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I remember doing this!!! lol! wish i hadda saved it to my comp , and in the end there was no point in it. I dropped outta history it sux. do something more creative like art or something , what school do u goto in n.ireland?
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