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Hello, I'm very new to this forum and was directed here by a friend. I really needed some advice regarding joining sixth form college this year. I'm 18 years old, and have had several troubles in trying to join the college.

When I was 16 I was accepted, but due to a mental health issue was forced to drop out. Since then I have been discharged and declared fit. However, I recently reapplied and although during a verbal interview with an admissions staff was told I would be accepted, received a letter telling me I wouldn't be able to attend as I would not be funded (as I was 18).

After investigating, I discovered I would still be eligible for funding, something my local Connexions office confirmed, as I had not been fully funded before, backing this claim up, the admissions staff with whom I'd had the interview told me through email the funding was not being withheld because I had been funded before.

This lead me to believe the college was refusing to offer me a place purely on the basis that I had been ill before and dropped out. Today I have received an email telling me that now the issue is not with funding, of which I am entitled, but instead with proving I am fit to learn. They have asked I provide a letter proving I am fit to study, otherwise they will not offer me a place.

I come today asking if anyone here know's legally where I stand. Is it legal for a school to demand a letter proving I am 'fit to learn'? Subsequently how do I go about questioning on why I was lied to about the reasons I wouldn't be offered a place (funding) and to what authority should I report a case like this, and finally has anyone else experienced this and perhaps has some advice on what I should do?

All I want to do Is complete my A-Levels so as I may apply as an officer within the British army, and I feel I'm fighting a battle against a sixth form who don't want to offer me the chance.

I do have a letter from both my psychiatrist whom I saw during the time I was ill, stating I am healthy, and from my GP, however I would really be interested In someone pointing me towards some legislation that would identify If I really need to provide this information.

Thanks, I appreciate any replys (:
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