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Hello all,

Run into a slight issue. German teacher gave us a homework sheet and said she'd go ape if we didn't do it. It involved finding quotes from a sheet of text. Sadly however I lost that sheet of text and couldn't find help for it anywhere on the interwebs, and I was obviously reluctant to google translate, so I thought I'd swing it by TSR and see if anyone would be willing to help me out. Reward is I'll follow you, I'll say 'thank you' and rep pointso the stakes are pretty high, I think you'll agree.

Translate into German:

1. We departed at 8.30 from the town hall.
2. We arrived at 12.15
3. Unfortunately the air conditioning on the bus was broken.
4. The bus driver was bad-tempered and got lost.
5. It was tiring and stressful.
6. At the weekend I went ot Dinkelscherben with my family.
7. We were in a traffic jam for 30 minutes.
8. The next time I'd rather go by train.
9. We took our bikes with us.
10. In my opinion the train journey was relaxing and pleasant.
11. We chatted along the way.
12. We planned our day.

Thanks guys.

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