Some tips when studying for AQA AS Spanish exams

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Hi everybody!

We hope this message finds you well.

We know exams are approaching. We thought to share with you some valuable tips for those of you who are about to take the AQA AS Spanish exams.

First, believe in you! This is the most important thing to do.

Second, practise, practise, and practise. This is the best way to succeed.

For the oral exam, for instance, try to speak in Spanish with your classmates. Get a speaking card and ask each other questions. Ask your teacher to shout her/his mouth off and let you speak during class time. If your school has a language assistant, ask him for extra practice apart from the 30 minutes you get every week. Believe us, 30 minutes is not enough!

As for grammar, Spanish grammar is huge. However, here are some areas that we think it is very important you know well. These are:

- all tenses for both regular and irregular, including the radical changing verbs and reflexive ones. If you think it is impossible to learn all the endings, focus on "yo", "él/ella", "nosotros" and "[email protected]". These are the endings that most students use in their essay and oral exams.

- verbs "gustar" and "ayudar"

- object and indirect pronouns

- comparatives and superlatives

- the "A" persona after verbs, as in "Ayer vi A Marta"

Also it is very important to learn as much vocab as possible for each topic. Learn also ideas. Do not learn them by heart but at least the key words that will make you remember the idea.

Practise with past papers. They are available from the AQA website and they are free.

We really hope this helps with your revision. However, if you still feel lost, feel free to PM us. We are happy to help

Best of luck,

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