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I'm new to this forum and I'm posting in hopes to get a few ideas of how i could progress my education. Just earlier on I got told that I have been removed from my college due to SAAS stopping my funding. I have hit a rough patch in life recently (bad crowd, relationship issues) and I started to under perform. My attendance wasn't good at all and I left a few pieces of work not submitted for marking. I lost focus and became unmotivated which lead to me falling behind with work which then was too much to catch up on. I'm managing to get my life on track but it is too late to safe my college course. I have no idea what career route I could take and I really need/want to progress further with education and developing new skills.

Ideally I would like to pursue a career in Software or Web Development but if that's not possible I would also consider something along the lines of personal training/fitness.

I'm 18 years old, have a part time job, live with parents (haven't told them about college yet)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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