Best intercollegiate halls/halls in London? Watch

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Hey I was wondering what the best intercollegiate halls/halls are in London - obviously looking for sociability etc. If anyone could give me some info that would be much appreciated
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Good question. I've linked some threads which will be of help. Bare in mind that 1) Lots of the halls described are being renovated (garden halls -- I think they'll open 2016/17) and I think Ramsay belongs solely to UCL now. 2) Some info might be outdated but on the whole it should still share similar qualities to the 2015 versions. (this has a poll)

Noticed that Lilian Penson isn't listed in a lot of them -- Lilian Penson's in a decent location but I found everything there is way too small and cramped. Rooms there look very old and dated compared to the other halls too. Wouldn't make that your top option. On the plus side it does have ensuite rooms.

On the whole I've heard the best things from from Connaught hall.

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