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I'm 18, and am really confused as to what exactly I should study, and at what university.

I am fortunate to have the following options: MMORSE at Warwick; Natural Sciences at Durham; Maths w/ Econ at UCL.

My main passion is Mathematics, in its most challenging , rigorous sense. I am unsure even with my choice of modules, if I will be allowed to pursue higher and advanced Maths, within the scope of MMORSE.
In a perhaps stupid way, I am hoping to minimise the ORS, in MORSE, and get a four year degree in Maths, some Stats, and some Econ. There are no 4 yr (Math+Econ)'s. Another consideration is that I can take up extra maths modules, through the CATS(?) system.

Through Natural Sciences, at Durham, I have a fantastic flexible degree, where I can explore new interests, in CompSci maybe, and manage a high amount of Maths, with some Econ to complement it. My only problem is that I'm from London, and would worry about being so far away from the only home that I've known. I have also heard that there is some classism, I'm black and from a rough area, with a strong, middle class culture. Would I fit in?

As I said, I am very unsure and confused, but will of course try to research, before I commit through UCAS. I appreciate any thoughts or advice you can give. Thanks TSR ))
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Not much specific help here, but I'd say just do what you love, whatever that may be

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