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I may be moving to Nottingham from Leeds later this year for a course and have a crap load of stuff to move. Cant really ask mates and checked removal services, they want far too much. And anyway, I cant move all my stuff in right away as I am looking at homes likely to need work before moving, my price range.
I looked into self-storage as I read about it off a google search.
Looks a good option, self storage units to contain my stuff - a lot.
Have looked at a few firms but anyone used them.
Not entirely sure the move will happen yet but be good to plan ahead in case.
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Not sure if you've posted in the right place given that this is a student forum and not a homeowners forum. That said, I've used self storage over the holidays in the past and found it very useful - saves me taking everything home with me.

Make sure you find out about insurance costs because most self storage companies tend not to mention it until you move in, although there are some that include it in the price.

Most self storage companies offer the same service so be sure to ask around to see how the prices vary, it then becomes a case of price against location. Do you really want to store miles away just to save a couple of quid a week? I went with the closest even if it was marginally more expensive, convenience wins!
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I looked into it for my girlfriend roughly 2 years ago.


Do you ned convenience of access?
Do you need to keep everything?

It isn't cheap over say 3-6 months or longer and there is no point in paying £100 to store a £50 ikea chair.
Obviously a wardrobe should be put in first, then filled with stuff, not air.

I found that a storage place outside the town centre was a lot cheaper than in the TC. Fine if you really only wanted to pop over once or twice, but basically just to stash stuff for a given period.
Other places have 24 hour access but you pay in rental.

Check the height as the charge is per sq foot but if you use the height properly you can save.
Imagine the stuff in a van then find out the capacity of the van.
sofas go on end.

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