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I've recently received an offer to study Psychology at both Exeter and Bristol, which I know are both very well regarded universities! I am going travelling in under a month and so need to sort all my Ucas and uni stuff out now and am starting to stress! I think I am swaying towards Exeter as I loved the Campus and I think i prefer the course content and structure. I'm also very into sport and fitness which seemed very good at Exeter.
However being from Brighton ( and so very far from home) , I'm worried that Exeter is abit secluded and quiet. Although I can pass on the whole high heels and clutch bag scenario I do like a good night out although more partial to a quirky bar with good music where its acceptable to have a dance after a few drinks. What's student life like at Exeter?
In terms of catering, could anyone advise what self catered halls with en-suite to go for that have a friendly and sociable scene? I am keen to study Psychology, however I do want the fun first year Uni experience everybody talks about.
All in all is Exeter the right choice?
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my son is at Exeter and stayed at st germans in an area which has Lafrawda and Rowe House. this is close to the academic buildings and a few minutes away from the campus nightclub. it is about 20 minutes walk from st davids station and about 15 minutes into the city. the difference between Bristol and Exeter is that Bristol is a huge city and Exeter much smaller. also some of Bristol's halls are some distance away whereas Exeter's are within walking distance. Only you can decide where you will feel most comfortable

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