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Hi there, I'm a second year biochemistry undergraduate student and my ultimate goal would be to work for a pharmaceutical company such as GSK. I achieved a first in my first year of study and I'm currently on track for a first in my second year too. I am wondering what would be the best way to get into pharmaceuticals and what skills, attributes and experience they require.

Ideally, when I graduate I would like to pursue a masters degree in molecular medicine and providing I do well, then undergo a PhD however I am unsure if a PhD is necessary. I've chosen modules best suited to a career in pharmaceuticals for my final year such as drug design and molecular virology and have applied for multiple summer research placements at my university.

I have a few questions:

Would a masters degree in molecular medicine be valued by pharmaceutical companies? I've been looking at masters degrees in medicinal chemistry but alas they require an undergraduate degree in chemistry..

If I want to go into research and development, is a PhD necessary? Ideally I'd like to finish my education at 22.

Has anyone done a GSK undergraduate summer placement? I'm definitely going to apply for one next year but I don't know if they favour medicinal / chemistry, pharmacology or biomedical science undergraduates as opposed to biochemistry.

What could I do to make myself and my CV more attractive to future employers in the pharmaceutical industry?

Obviously I still need to do a lot more research on the matter but I thought asking here would be a good place to start to see what you guys think would be the best way.


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