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I'm looking for some advice. I'm studying an Access course at a Scottish college, as I want to do another Access course which requires previous study. So I started this course under the pretence that this course would get me in(which it will), however they are both classed as SCQF 6 (even though one is harder - may be different content?). Anyway, I've now been told it is unlikely I will receive a bursary next year as I am receiving one this year. So here is my question:
Will I need to pay tuition fees?
Also, I have a young child and my husband is self employed so is there anything I can claim? I cannot afford to go to college otherwise.
Alternatively, I have recently changed my name (as I got married last month). If I apply under my married name am I likely to get it as my previous bursary wont tie up? I really don't want to go down this route but if necessary, would it work?

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