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I work in university administration. I've done everything from working in student records offices, providing admin for careers services, and working as course admin - I'm that lady that sits in the school's office and tells you the penalty because your work was one minute late cannot be removed (I know, I hate me too).

I finished a temporary contract at the start of February and have been really busy since (mainly travelling and spending money on clothes). I decided that whilst I wasn't tied down to a job I'd move across the country to live with my boyfriend. Universities are everywhere, so I'll always find work (supposedly).

I've moved to somewhere that has VERY low living costs and I love living with my boyfriend. HOWEVER, the university jobs are very competitive as wages round here are quite low and universities pay preeeeetty well. I've got some upcoming interviews and I'm ever hopeful, but now it's starting to dawn on me that I could potentially not get any of these jobs.

I'm now looking into my other options - I could apply to work for other universities and potentially be lucky, but the living cost will be higher then where I currently I am and I won't be surrounded by my family/friends/boyfriend. I'd like the opportunity to live in a new place though while I'm still young, but when I suggested it to my boyfriend he got very upset at the prospect of me leaving (I did only just really move in).

I'm now debating what I should do. Should I remain (potentially) unemployed where I currently live but have a nice life, or should I ignore my boyfriend and move to another city for work. We've done the long-distance thing before and whilst it was fine, it's probably something we don't want to have to do again.

BASICALLY: Do I stay unemployed in a city with my boyfriend, or do I move to another city for work (but potentially upset my boyfriend and be by myself with no family or friends around)

btw, boyfriend can't move because of his field of work. He may potentially be moving later in the year, but I'll be going out of my mind if I'm still not working by then!
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I think you should remain positive for the time being, how many interviews do you have coming up? I would wait it out and just keep looking for other jobs. What else wouldn't you mind doing?

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