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I am currently picking my as options. I have decided on maths geography and psychology, however I am struggling to pick my fourth subject. I've got it down to two: physics or philosophy. I would say. My interest in them both is roughly equal, but both have their complications.there is many unknows about philosophy, as it is a totally new subject. The results last year we very poor, nobody got an a or a b at as, this fills ma with huge doubts. Another doubt I have, and it doesn't sound like a good one, is that nobody I know is doing it next year, only new people, who I am not good with, I know this sounds petty but I wouldn't be comfortable or relaxed in the class. Physics however has many applicants and has obtained posotive results in the past. The big problem is, I asked my teacher the requirements, and he said a strong A* is recommended, I am confident in getting an a* but not with flying colours. In conc. I can't quite put my finger I don't like about philosophy but I can't be assured, whereas with physics as it is academic, I could always just learn the stuff, howver hard it gets, and philosophy is a bit different: you have to 'get it'. Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated. If anyone you have have done physics and/or philosophy then please let me know hat they are like. Solve my conundrum! Thanks
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You also need to "get" physics. You are planning to do maths, which will help, but you still need to understand the physics and some of the concepts are difficult to understand.

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