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I had an interview last week. Its for a position in the company I've worked for the almost 5 years. It's an internal position and it is between a handful of us. I practiced so much for the interview, but felt like I missed out so much in the actual interview.

Anyway the interviewer (my manager) has gone away on holiday and said he'll tell us who's got the job by the end of this week. Yesterday I was told by one of my managers that he is steering towards me and believes I'm capable out of everyone, even another manager said this too. So it sounds promising right about now. Then yesterday evening my colleague comes over to me and says my manager who interviewed me called to speak with me, but I wasn't around, so he asked to call him back.

I called and left a message. I've been racking my brain trying to work out if he's chosen me, I mean if it was anything else I'm sure he would have left a specific message. I know he is overseas so I haven't called him back. I guess he will call work again, but today was my day off and I feel like I've just been waiting by the phone allll day..

If I did get it then I'm nervous about my new role, the new responsibilities and pressure that comes with it. I know I can do it though.

I don't really need advice here, I just wanted to vent! Fingers crossed.

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