Would I be a fool to quit my apprenticeship? Watch

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Hi all,
i recently started my apprenticeship. I really enjoy it, the people are really friendly and it is very well paid.
But its in business, which after studying I've decided I don't want to further my study in.
last year I'd applied and got accepted to uni for teaching and I really regret not going.
should I apply again this year and quit the apprenticeship half way through or would that be a huge mistake?
i don't really want to wait until the end as I would be two years older than everyone when I start uni, which doesn't appeal to me.
i didn't get great a levels which was the initial reason for me doing the apprenticeship over a degree (it's a level 4 apprenticeship)
The qualification I'm studying for in my apprenticeship is specifically business which means it wouldn't help me that much when I apply again.

Any thoughts on what I should do?

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Oh that's a tough one, it would be a shame to quit your apprenticeship halfway through because you won't get the qualification. But if you desire is to do teaching then maybe you should go for it. As for being two years older, that shouldn't be a problem. I will be two years older when I go to university because I am doing my apprenticeship but I don't mind one bit. If anything I will like being the older one. And remember there are plenty of mature students these days. Ultimately the decision is up to you but just choose what you could see as a career for yourself.

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