I feel like I'm becoming clingy and I don't like it Watch

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Hey all,
Basically met this guy and at the start he texted me everyday and called me every other day. I'd initiate some days but he usually beat me to it. After a while he slowed down a bit due to thinking I wasn't interested, so I acted on it and made sure I made more of an effort.

We still talk regularly (every other day mostly), but I find I want to talk to him more or less all the time. If something happens in my life, he's the first person I want to tell and a few months back I wouldn't hesitate to do so. I only see him like once a month right now, I occasionally ask when I'll see him and he seems flattered by it and says he'll think of something to do and then he gets back to me. There are times our schedules clash and we are unable to see each other and I don't want to ask when I'll see him again, since I asked just last week.

We have kind of a deep conversation on Sunday via text and since then we didn't really talk much. I told myself not to text him to see how it would be, then I felt like I was playing games unnecessarily. I decided to just text him today with the intent to call him later, he started the conversation being talkative but only focused the conversation on himself which was unusual. There wasn't really much I could say to what he was saying, so I didn't bother to continue the conversation.

So then I've gone back to thinking to leave it for a couple of days. Should i just call him like i said i would?Grr I hate catching feelings to be honest.
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