Don't want to have to work my min wage job after graduation :/ Watch

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I'm just writing this thread, more as a matter of venting emotions- but also for some constructive feedback.

Basically ive worked in my part time (min wage) job, washing up, in a hotel for the last 8/9years.
Initially it was a job that was a means to an end for which I started at age 16 after GCSEs to earn cash (whilst attending college etc).

Because of the fact I live so close to work it is very convenient, however, over the years I have become sick of it. Just the repetitive, toxic and dead end nature of the job gets me down. The company expects employees to work for peanuts, and tick all their boxes for the same pay. As well as this, workplace bullying is rife and particular colleagues 'get away with murder', being pally with management. The boss lets certain people get away with things.

The boss is a micromanaging sociopath and basically twists everything, sets you up for failure, sabotages work roles and manipulates people. As well as this, I've recently come out of a dispute with the company after airing my views in an 'unsavoury' way because I felt nothing was getting done. I got mad, and said it, nearly got fired.

Point being, I'm soon to leave uni and I don't want to work here full time, it would be soul destroying. I'm trying my hardest to get interviews and improve CVs, but I feel low morale from it all. I've had one interview that went terrible. Graduation is soon, what can I do??
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I've worked as a dishwasher before so I feel your pain. I don't really have an alternative for you except keep doing what you're doing - improving CV, getting interviews etc. I don't think you should continue to work in such a toxic atmosphere if it's making you unhappy.

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