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i need to finalise my gcse options on Monday so i only have a few days. i am interested in being a vet or my 'back up' is a social worker. I am definitely taking triple science and health and social care although it is only offered as a btec level 2 but does that matter?

What I'm wondering it to take history or not? i have enjoyed history in year 7 and 8 but I'm not keen on the teachers and a lot of my older friends say it is a lot of writing and boring.

Also i know it isn't necessary to take a language but will it help me get into a better university and is Spanish hard or a lot of work?

i know this is quite long but thanks i really need some help x
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To be a vet, you would need A - Levels like Maths, Biology and Chemistry, so if you're taking triple science that would cover those A - Levels already (if you were thinking of going to sixth form). So my advice would be to take subjects you enjoy, in the first few weeks if you decide you really don't like that subject at GCSE you can always change it.
I am looking to have a career in science and at GCSE I took Media Studies, Geography, Art and German because they were subjects I enjoyed.
If you're unsure I would say to take language and a humanities (like geography or history) so that if you do decide you want a different career you have those subjects and you could take them at A Level

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