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Hey everyone,

This question is more aimed towards current students on the Computer Science course, however any replies from future computer science students would also be appreciated.

So I am currently making the decision as to what university to put for my back up, be it Queens in Belfast or UWE. They both seem very good with UWE having a 90% employment rate and Belfast having 95%. However Belfast is a LOT cheaper to attend and to live in, plus they also guarantee a year in industry placement.

Personally the year in industry is just as, if not more, important than the three years spent at university put together. I would love to work in one of the major companies and I hope to be able to do my placement abroad over in America. So my question is, does anyone know the percentage of people who get placements at UWE, and has anyone ever gone abroad to America? Does UWE support you if you wish to attempt to go over there, and they do they have any industry links over there?

Any replies are appreciated and if anyone has any more information which they think will sway me over to the UWE or Belfast side don't be afraid to post it. I need all the help I can get, this is going to be a close call.

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Why is Belfast cheaper?

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