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Hey guys
Im currently a supply teacher and earn £100 a day. I did some supply work for a day at a school last week and my agency called me saying the school wants to offer me a full time job. I explained to thenagency how nervous I am about having the sole responsibility regarding marlin and planning and coursework etc as I only just graduated last year and always had a mentor. I also have another part time job. The agency spoke to the school and got back to me saying they're a supportive team and will help me, as I only need to get settled and my feet grounded and I'll be fine and are possibly willing to give me a few hours free to attend my counselling job. We agreed I'll do one term after Easter holidays and see how it goes. However my concern is the rate is £110.70 a day and the school is out of town. I was wondering whether or not this is a good rate and of the agency are taking a cut out of this. If I agree to continue after the term then surely the contract is between myself and the school? And if I could negotiate for maybe a tenner extra that would cover the travelling cost as its just not effective otherwise.

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