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I am a normal 19 year old male-ish 😜. I am funny (in my head anyway ) go out socialise clubbing play sports go to the gym etc have friends. It's just that in my head I think I am seriously ****ed up!. I can kind of get away with as being the "crazy fun guy" to my friends however I actually have pretty bad OCD. I've had it for years and it use to be a mainly physical form of OCD, with ritual and routines that I had to do etc. However recently I feel like inside my brain there is one million things going on and I can't stop thinking about each and every thought I have they just keep coming back but never really go away at the same time (contradictory I know hahahahelpmehahaha) Is it possible that this is my OCD inside my thoughts. How can I treat my OCD as I am embarrassed to go to to my GP who I have known for years. I am also very smart (top performing student in my uni course at the moment, not bragging doe 😆 If iI fix my mental health I kind of feel like I might lose a bit of myself as the same time, is that normal to think like that. Anyway if anyone has bothered to read this just leave a comment and thank you 😘
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Hey there. If you work well under these conditions and the way your head is right now, and you're completely okay with it, then why bother to change anything? You may be able to ask your GP and maybe get referred to some groups or something that may teach you strategies and mechanisms to help you order your thoughts etc. but if they're not majorly impacting on your life, then is there any need?

If it becomes an issue though - like with your sleep and begins to keep you up at night, having a detrimental effect on your physical health, performance and general wellbeing, then I would advise/recommend seeing your GP about it, just to be safe. They may be able to suggest something that won't necessarily make you "lose yourself" but just cope with it a little better.

Hope this helps!

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