Edexcel Applied ICT - Unit 1 (Information Age) and 2 (Digital Economy) help! Watch

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Can someone please help me with Unit 1 and 2 in Applied ICT please!

I ideally need someone who has done these Units before who got A grades to help please, but to be honest I need all the help I can get!

I am struggling loads, my teachers aren't moderating it properly, in Unit 2 it went from 49/60 to 24/60! The marks fluctuate loads from teacher to teacher and I honestly am getting so annoyed! We haven't even started any Unit 3 prep yet and the exam window is 18/05/15 - 22/05/15!

In Unit 1 our teacher messed us around for ages and then left, so Unit 1 is shocking!

Unit 1 marks so far:
Strand A (Online Services) - 4/11
Strand B (Life in the Information Age) - 5/10
Strand C (Digital Divide) - Not even marked yet!!
Strand D (E-Book) - Not even marked yet!!
Strand E (E-Book Continued) - Not even marked yet!!
Strand F (Evaluation) - Not even started it yet!!
Total: 9/60! - I need an A! Last year it was 51 for an A!

Unit 2 marks so far:
Strand A (Transactional Website Report) - 16/18
Strand B (Flow charts) - 8/10
Strand C (Security and Threats Report) - 5/6
Strand D (Database Evidence) - 12/20
Strand E (Evaluation) - 3/6
Total: 44/60 - I need an A! Last year it was 51 for an A!

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Heya, I'm going to put this in the Computing forum for you as you should get more responses there.You should also check out the forum to see if there's any other threads there which might be helpful to you!http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=132
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can you send me your work for unit 2 digital economy as I need help desperately!

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