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Hi guys,
I'm 17 and I'm a ridiculously anxious person and get depressed about things regularly. I know that this is a common thing for many teenagers, but not for others...
I was wondering if anyone would just give me some advice on how to cope more easily or how to overcome my thoughts. Over the last year I have had a lot of things go on (not very bad) and they've changed a lot of how I see and think about things. Last year I was in a very bad place and was feeling really depressed, lost, I stopped eating, I self harmed and I felt like I was all alone. As a result, I lost a lot of confidence, trust and have developed some sort of anxiety.
Symptoms I experience include:
  • Tension headaches/neck pain
  • Depressed periods (feeling down, embarrassed about my body, insecure, worthless, etc..)
  • Panic attacks
  • Ringing in the ears (gets worse when anxiety builds up)
  • Feeling faint
  • Slight dizziness
  • Claustrophobia

I get worried about things that are going to happen or I THINK are going to happen. I've been to a doctor (quite a few) and discussed these things to the extent that they decided I needed to see a consultant about tinnitus, but haven't realised that like everything else it's the result of me feeling so anxious, alone, hopeless. Doctors don't help, but I know that some of you guys will have gone through the same thing and I would really appreciate it if some of you would be willing to give me some advice.
Thanks to those who can sympathise and empathise... sorry for such a depressing post!
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The main thing that helped me was to stop thinking about what people think of you.
I used to get really bad social anxiety, it was so bad I couldn't even speak to anyone in public.
Think of the future and where you want to be, and the steps you need to take at the time being
Another trick is to pretend everyone likes you, this make you feel much more confident!
And do what you're afraid to do, I did an assembly in front of loads of students and I survived!

It's awesome that you are brave enough to post this!
Have you started eating properly? If not I think a few of your symptoms could be stress related? (correct me if I'm wrong)
I hope you get through this hard time

Be self-aware not self-conscious....

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