Who here has a Career Plan set out with the Degree they choose? Watch

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Hellooooooooooo :-) xx thanks for actually clicking on this thread, and then reading this message. It shows you are Interested in discussing the topic of Career Plans regarding your degree. I sound posh in a way when i just wrote that - but, ah well.

The degree I am currently continuing on in my second year is BA Hons Animation. Though my grades were so shocking for me for first year, and me not being able to have a Job relative to my degree nor have Work experience, illustrated to me wow, I need then try to go into a more stable path, such as Teaching perhaps. But not teaching Animation, teaching something like Maths...or ICT.

Apparently, my Careers Adviser said that i can still use the degree and have relative teaching experience as an option to go towards that particular path of teaching in any subject. Of course, as long as i have my GCSE in maths and english.

Then take on a free course doing something like A LEVELMaths.

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