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Beard or no beard?


Beard or no beard?

Guys, are you sporting a beard and at what length?
And girls - do you prefer someone with a short beard, long beard or clean shaven?
most men looks great in short beard
I like short AND long beards, so long as they properly maintain and care for it.
Stubble or clean shaven for me. I think beards can look good but I prefer none. Depends on the guy's face though really
Beard 100%
Short, usually trim it with either the #3 or #2 clipper. Kinda.. unkempt (not long) at the moment because I last did that over a week ago I think.
Hair: Long on top and short on the sides.
Beard: Long with it blended into hair.

I'm going to keep growing my beard as well. Basically like this with no moustache and shorter hair on the sides.

I don't like beard I like clean shaven.
With obligatory man bun or without?
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Nothing is obligatory haha
Clean-shaven or STUBBLE!

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