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Dear all,

I desperately need help. I've applied to 2 courses in graduate Mental Helath Nursing and 3 in postgraduate diploma in MHN. 3 universities rejected me already and it was clear from the way they handled the matter that my application wasn't even considered. I'm an outstanding overqualified applicant (MSc Distinction in a mental-health field from a superior UK uni to all the 5 uni choices, scientific paper published in an internationally acclaimed scientific journal on mental health, several EU projects written and approved on recuperation of people with mental health issues etc).

However, I'm not a UK national and haven't been living in the UK for many years now. When applying for my UK-based MSc years ago I wasn't required to naric my GCSE or undergraduate certificates, having them translated was enough to enter the programme back then. But in the current application process no one had asked me to provide naric' versions of my degrees, or anything else. I was simply rejected without receiving any explanation, even though my previous academic and work-related achievements (directly related to the MH field) are outstanding. I have a feeling the staff at all unis hadn't even gone through my file, because they were unable to provide a legitimate (or any explanation) on why I was rejected.

Upon receiving my letter of complaint with all relevant degree and other certicifates plus reference letters attached, one of the universities responded that the reason why I was rejected was because my IETLS scores from 2005 were insufficient, which would have been a legitimate response otherwise, but the thing is they didn't get my IELTS scores (or any other certifictaes, because they hadn't asked for them) before rejecting me. So it's clear I hadn't even been considered (properly). I pointed that out to them, but no response so far. A similar process happened with the other two unis rejecting me - it's beyond evident that my application was ignored. I would have been happy to provide naric'd equivalents of my previous degrees (the results of which either correspond with entry requirements or surpass them by far) or retake the IELTS test, if anyone would have informed me about it, but only rejections came through with the admissions staff having no idea who I was or what the content of my application was. I'm already 34 and making this radical decision for a career change is a life-altering step for me and I'd really not want to see some anonymous uni staff waste a year of my life because of negligence or whichever other unsubstantiated reason.

Complaining to the admissions departments doesn't help. Is there any other way I could tackle this problem? I have a feeling that UK students are highly prioritised here as the course is NHS funded, which is why I imagine the selection process is silently biased....or am I wrong?

Many thanks for your suggestions and help in advance!

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