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Whether you're a fresher still adjusting to your new surroundings, a second year struggling with your workload or you've decided to give up and become a travelling selfie stick salesman because third year is simply too hard, well, we have some pretty simple life hacks that will improve your student life.

1. Ironing.

For all you fashion conscious students who refused to learn how to iron before leaving home, quickly 'ironing' a shirt collar with some hair straighteners then layering with a jumper works just as well. Not only cuts the ironing time by 99%, but it makes you a cut above everyone else!

One word of advice...just don't take your jumper off!

2. Texting

Now you're at University, you'll be talking to people like never before. Text, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter - the LOT. If you've sent the wrong text message or instantly regretted something you've sent, then simply put your phone on Airplane mode, delete the message and your dignity will remain intact - just about.

3. Borrowing/Lending

Tired of your mates 'borrowing' or 'lending' things from you? Well, if they want something of yours, then just take a photo of them holding it. That way, you'll always know who has what and if the inevitable statement occurs - "I never had it!" Well, they've got no leg to stand on!

Hopefully you'll agree that these clever little life hacks will improve your day to day life. Well, we have quite a few more on our student blog. What are your little tricks that make your day tick by?
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Big fan of Hack 1...ironing is the bane of my adult life!
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If you send a message by accident on WhatsApp, it's sent, does putting the phone in airplane mode after that really work?

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