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I went to see an assessor guy for my depression a few days ago and after being assessed, although he claimed I had moderate depression told me he didn't know what to suggest for me to do because the waiting list for counselling is so long and I'm going university by the time I would get help. He also knows I'm reluctant to take meds after having a bad experience with them and all he can suggest is me seeing him now and again. What can I do for myself?
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There are lots of things you could try.

There's a few posts in this forum you could have a look at. There's a really good Mental Health Support Society on there who all give each other tips, and encouragement. That could help.

Any kind of distraction techniques that you can use to help take your mind off your low mood on the bad days.
Reading, listening to music, writing maybe, watching TV shows, going out for a walk, out with friends, spending any time at all with friends will help normalise everything and make you feel good.

If you do choose to stay in, be productive. Clean up, tidy round, sort out old clothes etc. Whatever you do, do it in stages. Do it bit by bit, and set yourself tasks/goals. So think to yourself, what can I do for the next hour or so that is productive? You could read so many pages of your book, do some washing/cleaning etc. or watch a TV episode you fancy. Then when that hour's up, think what else you can do. Is it time for something to eat? Make something, then fill the rest of the hour up. Bathe/shower, do your hair something like that. If you keep doing it, hour by hour, before you know it, you've got through a whole day and you've done productive things! Time will fly by, and it'll be time for university before you know it.

You could really get stuck into researching stuff for your university. There's a few threads on here for all the different universities, you may be able to find other people on your course, people in the area etc. and make some new friends before you go

Hope this helps x

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