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Hi Folks,
I have a permanent job on a ward and asked to be released to bank so I could pick up extra shifts. Since I asked i've accepted a place to study nursing so I kind of want to try out other wards to get a bit of extra experience, even A&E. I'm just not sure how to go about it, I don't want to just book and turn up and then them realise I don't have the same skills of their permanent HCA's. Should I ask to do some supernumerary or something? I've had a look on the system and there's quite a few shifts going in A&E so i'd quite like to have a go. Anyone got any advice for me?
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I'm not too sure how it works but I assume that as you are already a permanent member of staff, the Trust/hospital would assume you are competent at your job so can use your skills across most wards/areas/ However, I have heard that you need certain skills to be allowed to work in A&E like taking blood (it may be best to check first). Anyway, if you can do a shift there, then go for it but if you feel a bit out of your depth, just explain you haven't worked there before so need a bit of guidance and hopefully they won't mind (I assume they get very busy there). Hope this helps x

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