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Basically I think I have depression haven't actually been to the doctor about it yet - I'm too scared but my mum and dads and stepmum and stepdad know I used to cut but they don't know that I still do. I have a friend that has severe depression an I'm trying to help her as well as well as help myself.
I have exams coming up in the next two months so I'm stressed out about them and to top it all off I found out my mum and stepdad are having marriage counselling! I knew they were having problems but not that serious! I'm really scare that if they get a divorce that my mum will get really depressed and alone and I will be just really horrible!
Also, there was an incident about a month ago when my mum an stepdad got into a massive argument and he started verbally abusing her and then she came down crying and hugged me whilst apologising for being a horrible mother! She then went out with some friends as she just couldn't stand to be in the house but I just cried myself to sleep that night.
I can see why they are having marriage counselling but I just can't bear the thought of my mum going through another divorce and ending up being alone again and being totally alone when my brother and I spend weekends with our dad - she told me that she used to cry all weekend when she had divorced my dad and we spent weekends with him!
I just don't want it to happen again
Some advice would be great thank you

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That sounds awful, totally get the feeling of stress, my exams start around the same time. I don't know about you, but it helps me to take a step back and realise how small the problems are in the scheme of the universe. I mean we're just a load of cells trying to live a happy life - in the end what happens to us doesn't even really matter, as long as the things you do are things you enjoy and no one's getting hurt.

I can't imagine how horrible it must be to have to worry about the family splitting up again, but the person you need to focus on most is yourself.

And go to your doctor about it it will help.

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